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full-service design firm with a focus on residential homes

At TALI+ROCHE, we collaborate with our clients to create spaces that express and reflect their unique personality. Our design focus is to create interiors that exude quality and timelessness while incorporating splashes of current design trends. We're capable of all aspects of a project from start to finish and enjoy collaborations with architects and trade specialists to create custom finishes
and designs.

The name, TALI+ROCHE was created from the designers' names - Tanya and Ronee. They met nearly ten years ago while studying Interior Design in Vancouver. Over the years, as their passion and skillset for design grew, so did their friendship and TALI+ROCHE was formed. With the convenience of technology, TALI+ROCHE have continued to work together while Tanya is based in Vancouver and Ronee lives in San Francisco. With the two located in different major cities, they have been blessed with the opportunity to naturally expand their work to both cities.


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