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At TALI+ROCHE, we collaborate with our clients to create spaces that express and reflect their unique personalities. Our design focus is to create interiors that exude quality and timelessness while peppering in current design trends. We work on all aspects of a project from start to finish and enjoy teaming up with architects and craftspeople to create custom finishes and end results.

The name, TALI+ROCHE was created from the designers' names - Tanya and Ronee who met while studying Interior Design in Vancouver. As their passion and skillset for design grew, so did their friendship and TALI+ROCHE was formed in Vancouver, BC.

As life would have it, Ronee moved to San Francisco, and with the convenience of technology, TALI+ROCHE continued despite the 949.9 miles or 1,528.7 km distance. With the two founders located in different metropolises, their projects naturally expanded to both cities.


giving back to the community

Homes for the Holidays is an annual fundraiser run by a volunteer committee. Interior designers, in collaboration with local florists and retailers, donate their services and decorate five Vancouver homes with the season's festivities. Tickets are sold to tour the homes and funds raised benefit Kids Help Phone. TALI+ROCHE has had
the privilege of volunteering as hosts, designers, and collaborators since 2016.


Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only 24/7 national service offering professional counseling, information and referrals, and volunteer-led, text-based support to young people. It started in 1989, with a unique telephone counseling service that provided a free and confidential way for youth to report abuse.


Over the past 30 years, Kids Help Phone has evolved its response and solutions all the while focusing on staying relevant to youth and recognizing the complex issues they face.

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