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Our Philosophy

TALI+ROCHE Designs is a North American firm that creates bespoke residential interiors with a balance of creativity and thoughtfulness. The studio was founded in 2014 by Tanya Ali and Ronee Cheung, whose friendship in design school evolved into a business partnership.
TALI+ROCHE takes a focused approach to design that respects human behavior and meaningful environments, creating timeless and unique interiors that aren't constrained by any particular style or trend.

We understand that every little detail can add to create captivating and expressive interiors. We work closely with architects and trades to plan efficient spaces and choose finishes that harmonize with the surrounding environment. Our passion lies in all aspects of the design process.


Tanya Ali

Interior Designer


Ronee Cheung

Registered Interior Designer

About Us

Tanya and Ronee, both raised in Vancouver, founded TALI+ROCHE. Their design style is influenced by the West Coast's beautiful landscapes and travels, incorporating materials and finishes that respect nature.

Tanya, a true Vancouverite, discovered her passion for interior design through her love for remodelling homes. For the past decade, she has been focused on transforming and elevating her clients' homes according to what matters to their way of life. Apart from her love for the creative aspect of designing interiors, Tanya also enjoys project management, where she guides her clients' ideas to fruition. She resides in Vancouver with her husband and children.

Ronee resides in San Francisco with her family and relishes in the close proximity to wine country and Tahoe's ski resorts. Her fondness for adventure and nature greatly influences her choice of materials and design. With her analytical thinking, she thoughtfully evaluates her clients' requests to create interiors that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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