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The initial meeting is to discuss and define the scope, project wish list, and budget. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other and establish a vision for the home. It may also be an opportunity to walk through the architectural plans or actual space together.


After the consultation and both parties are in agreement with the design direction, goals, and scope of work, a legally binding Letter of Agreement customized to your project will be created.


Once both parties sign the agreement and a retainer has been received, we begin work on your home.

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The phase is an in-depth look into the project, from space planning to meeting with trades to determine the feasibility of the design. It’s also when we go into detail about the home’s family dynamics, needs, and wants.


Any inspiration images collected from the designer and yourself will be shared at this stage.

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This phase is where we translate all the research from the previous phase into a visual presentation that includes concept images, sketches, and finishes. 

This phase is paramount as it determines the design direction of the project. We are open to hearing any thoughts, and if revisions are requested, we will provide alternatives so the final design is what you'll love.

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With the design direction approved, we begin the construction drawings, which is a detailed package that includes floor, finishes, and lighting plans, elevations, details, and specifications. We’ll break down each major element to review before publishing the full package.

The Specifications package includes lighting, plumbing fixtures, and even hardware for the millwork. A detailed review of the package is imperative to ensure the end results are what you want. The final package will be used for pricing, permit, and construction.


At this phase, we will collaborate with the contractor and trades to implement the drawing package into reality.  We’ll review trades' shop drawings and ensure all the information provided is clear and execution of the Design Plans is successful.

Regular site visits will be scheduled with the contractor to review site conditions and progress. Any discrepancies will be quickly reviewed and revised to ensure the design progress is smoothly executed.



With the construction completed and everything installed, we will visit the site for a final inspection. If furniture and decor are included in the contract, we will bring in accessories and art and add the final touches to the space. 

At the end of the project, we request a day to photograph the results for our design portfolio and the final images will be provided to you as well. 

We value your opinion and are here to thoughtfully design your project.

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Example of a Concept Presentation

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